LEC-7230M: Safeguarding Transportation System at FIFA 2018

LEC-7230M: Safeguarding Transportation System at FIFA 2018


Safety and security for the transportation system is considered a matter of the utmost importance at any event, match or tournament as any slip in safety/security could potentially result in mass casualties and unimaginable consequences. The host country or association must be aware of their duties and responsibilities before, during and after matches in relation to safety and security for metro passengers. In other words, the host association must enlist the help of all necessary equipment (hardware & software) and trained persons to ensure that even the slightest incident gets noticed, contained, and resolved.

Challenges / Requirement

Lanner was approached by a system integrator searching for a box PC intended for receiving and processing video-intensive data as a part of an automated radiation control solution for FIFA 2018; the solution was to be deployed at the lobby of each and every metro and railway station in Moscow.

The said solution must enable the followings:

  • 24//7 airtight monitoring of passengers and luggage for the detection of possible radioactive material
  • Preliminary identification of the said radioactive material/contraband
  • Intelligent classification/matching of the said radioactive material and its level of radiation hazard using a government-approved database
  • Automatic video recording of real-time events, instant notification and alert transmission to authorized portable devices
  • Transmission of evidential information (radiation material location/ID) to on-site security personnel

Lanner Solution

Lanner’s LEC-7230M, a robust and nimble all-in-one, one-for-all embedded box PC is powered by the Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail, a SoC known for its significant improvement in computing performance and power efficiency. This box PC is positioned as an all-purpose solution for a range of application scenarios, including video surveillance, home gateway, digital signage, retail POS and production line automation.

Benefits / Conclusion

A robust radiation monitoring system for detecting movements of ionizing radiation sources was made possible by using the compact and fanless LEC-7230M. Setting up the LEC-7230M with multiple cameras enables real-time views from different angles and proximities. Each of these real-time views scans and detects the mass and crowds for irregularities and suspicious matters. The VGA and HDMI ports deliver crucial images or video footage to displays at managing locations for decision making and prompt actions.

With data collected at the edge by various sensors and the proprietary software installed, the LEC-7230M can be depended on for performing the preliminary data-mining and object analysis when reviewing the vast amounts of footage data, minimizing the need for human inspections before it is absolutely necessary, not only significantly increasing the number of footage data reviewed but also greatly reducing the time required for taking actions when/if necessary.

Last but not least, the LEC-7230M’s aluminum + SGCC chassis and fanless design make it completely dustproof, reducing downtime and maintenance overhead. What’s more, the LEC-7230M’s versatile mounting options (rack, VESA, DIN-rail, wallmount) and its 0°C ~ 60°C operating temperature range also make it the ideal hardware solution for real-time surveillance applications found in most settings.

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