Controlling On-screen Graphics in Live Video

Controlling On-screen Graphics in Live Video

ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies, a leading US-based provider of digital signage solutions, needed a reliable and customizable embedded system for their latest project, LogoIt! By allowing their customers to place dynamic graphics over live television feeds, LogoIt! offers a great way for content providers to customize their product offerings and maximize revenue.

The Challenge

To integrate a Windows®-based embedded system with a demanding level of service for live video editing use. The solution needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of interfaces and media, with reserved potential for future upgrades. ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies’ customers have differing demands including High Definition and Standard Definition video, and interoperability concerns with a wide array of video devices. This solution needed to integrate these demands into a compact and powerful unit while remaining cost-effective.

The Solution

Lanner’s LEC-2270P2 meets or exceeds all the requirements laid out by ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies, and offers the requested performance and flexibility. The LEC-2270P2 has a variety of video and LAN interfaces as standard, and the two PCI expansion slots allowed ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies to integrate third-party PCI modules and increase the video output options available.

The key to the suitability of this product is the coupling of a powerful core computer with video interfaces including both digital and analog connectors, for Standard Definition, High Definition, and 2K resolutions. Analog audio input and output is also included, covering all the bases for television content transmission around the globe.

By allowing control through either a Windows®-based graphical user interface or a dedicated control panel, the LEC-2270P2 offers a fast and easy way for the operator to control onscreen graphics. Tickers can be automated to update onscreen text, or previewed on an attached VGA display before committing to output.

The Result

Delivering the right solution for the right price has left ChyTV/DigIt Signage Technologies and their customers very satisfied with the LEC-2270P2.

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