Rugged IIoT Gateway Enables Street Lighting to Become “Smart”

Rugged IIoT Gateway Enables Street Lighting to Become “Smart”


Smart LED street illumination has been embraced by multiple municipal governments worldwide, as the starting point for IoT-based smart city establishment. Since the street lighting infrastructure already exists, many city planners take smart lighting as the opportunity to enable their IoT foundation by consolidating sensors, wireless communication points and open-interface technologies. Indeed, with the concepts of IoT and 5G technology, connected LED street lighting is a highly efficient choice of illumination in both costs and energy consumption, and also remotely manageable without excessive human control.


Street lighting infrastructure is already available in most cities today, and thus it is considered an entry-point for future IoT smart city applications. To enable “smart” street illumination, the key is to connect all the subsystems, including sensors, networking hardware, into one integrated system managed under an open software architecture to ensure compatibility and compliance. Since it is an end-to-end deployment, the first task is to install rugged white-box IIoT gateways for data collection, analysis and transfer around both the new and the existing street lightings.

There are technological requirements for the white-box IIoT gateways:

Wide operating temperature

Since the infrastructure of smart street lighting is mostly outdoor, the gateways for the lamps must be able to withstand wide range of operating temperatures, from as low as -40°C to as high as 70°C.

Compact and fanless

The outdoor environment of connected street lamps is unable to provide sufficient space for the installation of hardware gateway. Thus, the white-box gateway must be compact to fit in the limited space. In addition, the gateway shall rely on fanless thermal design, since it is inefficient to replace the fans in an outdoor setting.


Since connectivity plays a critical role in smart city applications, the required white-box gateway shall accommodate abundant connectors so that it can function as the digital hub for the LED street lamps. Necessary I/Os shall enable connections with hi-resolution cameras, weather monitoring meter, air quality monitoring sensors, LED lighting device, EV charging and remote sensors.


Lanner’s LEC-3030T is the compact communication white-box IIoT gateway to meet the demands for smart LED street lighting. The gateway is physically designed in compact form factor and fanless thermal mechanism to meet the outdoor setting.

In terms of the performance, LEC-3030T is empowered by Intel® Atom™ E3815 processor and DDR3L at 1,333 MHz SO-DIMM memory up to 4GB to adequately perform data collection, analysis and transfer in an end-to-end application. Functioning as the IoT gateway for street lamps, LEC-3030T boasts an abundance of I/O connectors, such as VGA display, serial COM ports (with RS-232/422/485 and ESD/surge protection), digital I/O connector, RJ-45 LAN ports, and USB ports to accommodate various sensors and meters associated in the deployment.

Since extreme temperature is a potential challenge in an outdoor application, LEC-3030T can withstand wide range of operating temperatures, from as low as -40°C to as high as 70°C.

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