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Safe and efficient public transportation

Lanner’s in-vehicle NVRs provide a rich set of hardware features and I/O on top of certified purpose-built fanless, rugged designs. Both the V3S and V6S are compact, low-footprint NVR’s with modular wireless capabilities, ideal for ambulances, law enforcement vehicles, public traffic monitoring and more. The R6S can be used as a drop-in NVR for public railway transport.

Milestone’s open platform allows for a truly merit-based approach to public surveillance hardware and systems, enabling a diverse set of cameras from a wide range of manufacturers. As the pioneers of IP video technology, their open platform is easily paired with over 1,000 technology providers for endless opportunities.

XProtect® is Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS). From fully-featured free versions with support for up to 8 cameras, to unlimited camera multisite solutions, XProtect is an excellent solution for many applications in public transport such as passenger monitoring, access control and service optimization.

Safe and efficient public transportation


Access your system anytime, anywhere with support for all three XProtect Clients.

Unlimited retention time means video recordings are always there when you need them.



Connect any camera that fits your needs and budget, including ONVIF compliant devices.

Integrate and embed third-party applications such as access control, people counting and video analytics.



To ensure the evidence doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, you can password protect the video files to ensure only authorized users can view it.



Build your solution to fit. For more capacity, capabilities or locations, simply exchange your license for a larger XProtect product. 

Lanner onboard NVR hardware + Milestone XProtect

NVR hardware + Milestone XProtect

Pre-certified carrier LTE, private LTE + FirstNet 

Using the PGN addon modules, any of the NVRs can be easily connected through carrier LTE, private LTE, CBRS, and FirstNet 

Extensive Digital and Serial I/O

With support for serial and digital I/O, these NVRs can connect to onboard vehicle diagnostics, sensors, and actuators.

Built-in Power over Ethernet for IP Cameras

With PoE, you can connect up to 4 (v3s) or 10 (v6s, r6s) cameras using simple ethernet cables without any external power supply.

Ruggedized PoE for Railway

The R6S railway NVR uses specialized PoE enabled ethernet connectors that screw in and provide a more reliable connection.

Certifications: E-13 include ISO-7637-2, MIL-STD-810G, EN 50155, EN 45545 Features Railway

Certified for vehicle usage these NVRs are designed to withstand on road (V6S), off-road (V3S) and railway (R6S) environments.

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