Artificial Intelligence & Edge Computing (AIEC) Starter Kit


Restricted Zone Notifier


Safety Gear Detector


Machine Operator Monitor


Predictive Maintenance

Accelerate Industrial AI Monitoring Deployments

Implementing AI-based industrial automation at the edge is crucial in mission-critical applications and requires real-time data processing with low-latency response.

Lanner’s LEC-2290 has the computational performance to deliver real-time AI inference at the edge.

Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial is an open and modular product validated software that aggregates and processes time series, image/video data at the edge to provide useful insights via edge analytics. Powered by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, EIS accelerates development, enabling quick integrations of pre-trained models (e.g., Tensorflow, Caffe, etc.) for object recognition, classification, and facial recognition in vision-based solutions.

To accelerate time-to-market AI deployment at the industrial edge, Lanner provides the hardware in a consolidated AI Kit together with Intel® software solutions for industrial Edge AI solutions.

Artificial Intelligence & Edge Computing (AIEC) Starter Kit

Modular Data Bus


Analytics Microservices


Faster Edge Deployments

Consolidated baseline AI hardware kit simplifies and accelerates deployment of edge AI solutions


Quicker Productization

Pre-installed vision & analytics suite provides a vetted environment for development and integration of pre-trained use-case models


Value-added SW Suite

Full vision suite optimized with OpenVINO™ to run faster on lower cost Intel hardware even with a CPU-only system

Lanner Edge AI Appliance + Vision & Analytics SW suite

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