Artificial Intelligence & Edge Computing (AIEC) Starter Kit

Restricted Zone Notifier

Safety Gear Detector

Machine Operator Monitor

Predictive Maintenance

Accelerate Industrial AI Monitoring Deployments

Implementing AI-based industrial automation at the edge is crucial in mission-critical applications and requires real-time data processing with low-latency response.

Lanner’s LEC-2290 has the computational performance to deliver real-time AI inference at the edge.

Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial is an open and modular product validated software that aggregates and processes time series, image/video data at the edge to provide useful insights via edge analytics. Powered by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, EIS accelerates development, enabling quick integrations of pre-trained models (e.g., Tensorflow, Caffe, etc.) for object recognition, classification, and facial recognition in vision-based solutions.

To accelerate time-to-market AI deployment at the industrial edge, Lanner provides the hardware in a consolidated AI Kit together with Intel® software solutions for industrial Edge AI solutions.

Modular Data Bus

Analytics Microservices

Faster Edge Deployments

Consolidated baseline AI hardware kit simplifies and accelerates deployment of edge AI solutions

Quicker Productization

Pre-installed vision & analytics suite provides a vetted environment for development and integration of pre-trained use-case models

Value-added SW Suite

Full vision suite optimized with OpenVINO™ to run faster on lower cost Intel hardware even with a CPU-only system

Lanner Edge AI Appliance + Vision & Analytics SW suite

Ready to Deploy?

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