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Build a Zero-Management Edge Cloud ​

Lanner’s edge hardware solutions deliver the computational performance and remote management features necessary to circumvent edge-to-cloud roundtrip bottlenecks and deliver enterprise-level data-processing at the edge

Automation-Driven Platform

Connected Infrastructure

Centralized Data Management


Resource Optimized Cloud


Universal Application Deployment


NodeWeaver provides the foundational operating platform for a universal distributed computing layer – composed of nano clouds that run any application (traditional VMs, Kubernetes, serverless), anywhere, at scale, providing high availability and all the features of a cloud platform at one twentieth of the resource utilizationall without human intervention.

Automate and deploy any IoT application to any edge node(s), provide variable real-time block redundancy with distributed filesystems and monitor your entire network cloud-to-edge all from a centralized universal platform.


Rock Solid Simplicity

NodeWeaver is designed to be simple and safe – in every moment, be it under management or not. This means that the infrastructure needs to be able to manage itself, both in normal operativity and during a disaster.


Sea of Data (Distributed FS)

Data flows like water, and by taking advantage of this idea we built NodeWeaver as a “sea of data”, where each new node brings with it some capacity of holding it. And if something happens, data is free to flow to where it can be contained and managed properly.

Lanner Hardware + NodeWeaver Edge Cloud

Flexible Equipment Integration

With extensive I/O and expansion slot options, you can easily interface with the sensors and peripherals in existing on-site hardware.

Optimized for Edge Processing

Reduce expensive round trips to datacenters with powerful onboard compute directly on the edge where your data is generated.

Built for Reliability

Lanner’s hardware platforms bring proven reliability, with purpose-built designs for a myriad of challenging environments.

Modular PCI Expansion

Easily expand capabilities right at the edge by integrating FPGA, GPU and SSDs directly in the edge node

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