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5G Edge Virtualization

Network Virtualization on MEC and SD-WAN

5G is anticipated to unlock the new business models that will enable operators to create new revenue streams, made possible by virtualizing the edge so that diverse networking and service delivery models can be available. Recently successful applications include consolidated branch networking via SD-WAN, multi-access edge computing with ultra-low latency to enhanced mobile bandwidth and massive IoT communications. Thus, for communication operators to enhance service agility, scalability and flexibility in their network architecture, virtualization at the edge network will have huge influence to realize 5G connectivity.

Multi-Access Edge Computing

Enabling Ultra Low Latency Communication

MEC refers to the ability to perform critical core network functions, covering the compute, storage and analytics, at the network edge so that latency is substantially reduced when traffic can be routed to the edge first instead of to the cloud directly. Under this infrastructure, the orchestration aggregates the compute and storage resources, along with networking capability to run user applications at the edge, within proximity to where requests and traffics are generated.

  • Key Applications

  • Real-time AR/VR

  • Video Transcoding

  • Autonomous Driving

Case Study

MEC for Taxi Fleet Management

SD-WAN and SD-Security

Pre-Validated Solutions for time-to-market Deployment

The roll-out of new SD-WAN services involves comprehensive validation and integration, which could impact the lead-time schedule or miss potential opportunities. Lanner supplies the virtualization-optimized open network platforms pre-validated with leading software providers, making these appliances optimized for accelerating the deployments of SD-WAN, SD-security, QoS and OSS/BSS orchestrations.

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