Whitepaper: Inline Acceleration of VXLAN Tunneling for SDN with Ethernity’s SmartNIC

To meet cloud computing and enterprise-grade NFV demand, it’s more important that network appliance with VXLAN offload engine to expand scaling SDN/NFV deployments. VMware, Cisco, and Arista Networks introduced Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) as an approach that successfully addresses this challenge by creating a virtual network that transfers data across existing Layer 3 (IP) infrastructure. By using tunnels between virtual machines (VMs), a virtual L2 network is overlaid on top of multiple L3 subnetworks. VXLAN’s overlay scheme enables cloud-based services to scale without the need to add to or reconfigure existing infrastructure.

The solution to these concerns is to use a SmartNIC, which can handle offload all VXLAN functions from the CPU to an FPGA, thereby improving throughput, reducing latency, and freeing CPU cycles for other tasks. The Lanner FX-3230 server appliance is designed with a rear expansion of a PCI Express 3.0 X8 (8 GT/s) interface, which is seamlessly compatible with Ethernity Networks’ ACE-NIC SmartNIC. The combination of the SmartNIC with the Lanner appliance enables VXLAN offloading to improve performance and save CPU cycles.

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