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Rugged 5G Outdoor Gateway Enhances Intelligent Transportation System Connectivity


As we transform into the digital smart city era, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) becomes an indispensable component. ITS technologies help cities manage traffic flow, idle vehicle time, congestion relief, and lower emission from reduction of idling and sitting in traffic. Many cities have implemented some upgrades including wireless networks, connected streetlights, surveillance cameras, to improve their existing infrastructures and further enhance capabilities and efficiency.

The backbone of an intelligent traffic management system is wireless connectivity, from 4G, 5G, low power wide area network (LPWAN) to fiber, in order to cater to the various end use applications that require different types of networks. As a safety-critical system, ITS requires redundant backup solutions to ensure reliable data transmission and uninterrupted connectivity.


To implement a secure intelligent transportation management system requires a combination of connectivity, hardware, and software technologies to work together as one system. A global leader of intelligent traffic systems was seeking for turnkey system for their ITS solution. The joined smart solution meet the following requirements:


Intelligent traffic systems may be in different development stages globally, but integrators have recognized that a single source of Internet connectivity is insufficient, especially with the high maintenance costs due to unreliable availability. Lanner’s NCR-1567 rugged gateway with 5G and micro SIM functionality is designed to provide backup cellular connectivity for intelligent traffic management infrastructure because it is reliable and secure. Indeed, operators are more motivated to offer attractive data service plans for large scale projects compatible with carrier aggregation technology, and backup SIM functionality can further provide uninterrupted connectivity by switching to a redundant operator service as needed. NCR-1567 is IP67-rated with isolated I/O and power protection for usage in demanding environments and critical infrastructure.

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