Enabling In-vehicle Control and Real-time Surveillance for Theme Park Shuttle Services


Shuttle services in theme parks have been greatly impacted by the advancements in communication technologies. When passengers are boarding the shuttle buses or trams to different park areas or hotels, they want broadcasted entertainment and multimedia to have the ultimate customer experience. For theme parks to stay competitive, their shuttle services must be equipped with infotainment systems that provide wireless streamed videos, TV commercials and multimedia contents. On the other hand, by taking the passenger safety into considerations, the shuttle services shall also be connected with automated surveillance devices to provide real-time video streaming so that footages of passenger situations are sent to control center wirelessly.


Considering the complexity in the integration of sensors, controllers, analog-to-digital conversion, real-time recording, GPS device, and wireless network, a professional system integrator contacted Lanner for a robust embedded communication gateway to integrate all the components and provide in-vehicle control, infotainment, real-time surveillance and video streaming. The gateway system shall meet the following technological requirements:

Lanner’s Solution


Lanner offers LVC-5770-7D as the optimal embedded gateway for in-train infotainment for theme park shuttle services. Two LVC-5770-7Ds have been installed to manage four shuttle buses. While one LVC-5570 works as the video platform to connect to up to 8 IP cameras for video surveillance and streaming, another LVC-5770-7D functions as the in-vehicle gateway controller that link with 4 TV displays for location-based visitor information playback. The in-vehicle LVC-5770-7Ds also act as the hub for 4 tablets at side doors for co-driver in-vehicle control, such as temperature, door, in case of emergency, as well as the terminal connected to the driver dashboard for door control, and audio system

LVC-5770-7D as the In-vehicle Gateway

Lanner’s LVC-5770-7D is empowered by Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE Processor, 8 x PoE ports, internal PCIe interfaces for wireless connectivity (WiFi/4G/LTE), externally accessible disk drive bays, multiple USB/COM/DIO ports, HDMI and certified shock and vibration resistance.

Besides high-performance, graphic-intensive processor, LVC-5770-7D offers rich I/O ports, including 8 PoE ports, 2 COM ports, 4 DIO input/output and HDMI interface. The 8 PoE ports enable LVC-5770-7D to connect with multiple IP cameras for surveillance, while the HDMI interface allows the gateway to work with HD TV display and playback. Regarding sensors controls, LVC-5570 comes with COM ports and DIOs to integrate sensoring devices.

As wireless network plays a key role, LVC-5770-7D is built with internal mini-PCIe sockets for wireless connectivity, compliant with WiFi, 4G or LTE standards. This allows real-time communications and data transmission between the tram and the control center. The externally accessible disk drive bays support high storage capacity for recorded videos.

As an in-vehicle gateway, LVC-5770-7D is certified by E13 and MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration resistance.

Since Lanner is a solution partner of milestone Xprotect video management software, the system integrator can implement milestone Xprotect onto LVC-5770-7D, so that the control center can monitor the shuttle vehicles in the theme park in a remote manner.

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