Intelligent Transportation

Bringing Intelligent Transportation to an Expanding World

Taking increasingly critical transportation systems to the next levels of efficiency requires intelligent systems capable of collecting and processing massive amounts of sensory data in near-realtime. Lanners ITS platforms cover a wide-range of applications ranging from public transit systems, to traffic-flow control/monitoring and entire vehicle fleet management.

Smart Grid

Enabling Secure and Reliable Industrial Communications in a Connected World

The Power/Energy Industry is facing new challenges from an increasingly interconnected IoT-centric world. To provide the flexibility, reliability and security the industry needs, Lanner has developed a portfolio of industrial communications platforms made to tackle these key issues while maintaining cost-effective interoperable solutions.

Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) face different challenges in cyber security today; due to critical infrastructures inherent ability to cause massive real-world damage or even physical harm, securing communications and maintaining network visibility has become absolutely essential. Lanner offers series of industrial solutions to enable an open, highly-compatible and interconnected control system while building-up a reliable cyber security platform to defend from known/unknown network vulnerabilities, while keeping overall operational costs low.