White Papers

Our white papers explore key areas of Lanner’s expertise in developing and improving cutting-edge features for network computing applications.

Building Next-Generation Network Security with Wind River® DPI Solutions on Lanner FW-8895

A new era of pervasive computing has accelerated demands for a system that can guard the Internet from rampant malware and other forms of sophisticated attacks. Lanner Electronics and Wind River®, two pioneers in hardware system architecture and embedded operating systems respectively, have brought their distinct expertise together to create the industry’s first performance-driven intelligent

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Throughput Improvements with the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit

The next-generation Ethernet promises network bandwidth from 10 to 40 Gbps and beyond. This trend of ever-increasing bandwidth is driven by the explosion of Internet users and growing use of bandwidth-hungry applications. However, elevating the processing throughput to match the bandwidth of the network has long been a challenge for the network appliance. Is it

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Comparing First and Second Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Ever-increasing network traffic keeps system designers of application servers, network appliances, and other packet-processing devices constantly looking for new platforms that can cost effectively increase throughput. For this market, the 2011 introduction of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors (based on Intel® microarchitecture formerly codenamed “Sandy Bridge”) offers real performance gains over previous generation architecture.

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