x86 Desktop Network Appliances

The small form factor of the Lanner Desktop Appliances enables easy deployment where rack space is limited. Though in compact form factor, there is sufficient processing power to run barebones network security and communication applications, and ultra-low power consumption means an environment-friendly appliance with a low thermal foot print.

Software-Defined vCPE Solution

An ideal virtualized CPE for network service connectivity has to be deployable anywhere and be able to run on various mainstream operating systems. Once installed with open source software, the hardware platform shall comprehend multiple service scenarios such as VPN, WAN Optimization, DHCP, NAT, QoS, Firewall, ID/IPS and other area network application. A vCPE platform has to be open architecture and must support virtualization and encryption features. It is also required to offer High Availability features such as LAN Bypass.

The FW-7551, a vCPE device powered by the Intel® Atom™ C2000 Series processor, is an all-in-one and compact x86 desktop network appliance that features a low-power architecture, up to 6 built-in Ethernet ports, Gen. 2 LAN bypass and the Intel® QuickAssist crypto acceleration technology; this network appliance is best suited for medium-sized business networks, medium-sized branch offices, distributed enterprises and gigabit connections.

FW-7525 is a vCPE gateway controller platform that enables software-defined, virtualized CPE applications for branch office network to optimize efficiency while saving physical hardware cost. FW-7525 is driven by Intel® Atom™ Processor C2358 (2-core)/C2518 (4-core) CPU (codenamed “Rangeley”) with the built-in function of AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard – New Instruction) encryption policy for IP-sec. Regarding cryptographic performance, FW-7525 is designed with Intel® QuickAssist to accelerate crypto-related applications. The processor is also designed with Intel virtualization technology that enables virtual machines to operate on this platform. By integrating Intel x86 architecture, AES-NI and virtualization support, FW-7525 helps branch offices IT management to evolve to meet today’s SDN and NFV challenges.

Building Endpoint Security with Lanner Desktop Network Appliances

The rapid increase of devices connected to the IoT leads to the growing complexity of endpoint infrastructures, demanding efficiency in size, performance and power consumption, plus a more flexible appliance for a quick, easy-to-implement solution to protect the network edge through security measures such as VPN, intrusion protection, content filtering and data encryption.

The ideal appliance solution must offer a small foot print, low-power consumption, multi-core computing, various LAN port configuration, hardware-assisted security engine and wireless connectivity required for performing the endpoint security applications.

Lanner’s NCA-1010 comes in a highly compact form factor, with a size of two smartphones at dimensions of only 124.26 x 19.4 x 119.66 mm. This fanless x86 desktop appliance is built on Intel® Bay Trail CPU (Atom™ E3815/E3825), offering rich I/O connectivity and scalability features 1x HDMI port, 1x console port for device network management, 3x LAN ports, 2x USB ports (1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0) for external devices, and 1x antenna hole for signal reception. The offered features plus built-in instruction commands make this the go-to widely deployable network appliance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who require compact entry-level security/firewall gateway or multi-service gateway and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) management.


VIA-based Network Appliance with 2.5” HDD bay (1.5GHz model only), 4 GbE ports, 1 Mini PCI and 2 PCI

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Quick Comparison

ProductCPUChipsetLAN ports
NCA-1010Intel® Bay Trail E3815 or E3825 CPU3 x GbE RJ-45
FW-75252-core Intel® AtomTM processor C2358 (Codenamed “Rangeley”)4 or 6 x GbE RJ-45
FW-7540Intel® Atom™ D425 or Dual Core D525Intel® ICH8M4 x GbE RJ-45
FW-7541Intel® Dual Core D525Intel® ICH8M6 x GbE RJ-45
FW-7543Intel® Atom™ E3815 or Celeron® J19004 x GbE RJ-45
FW-7551Intel® Atom™ C2358 2-core SoC4 or 6 x GbE RJ-45
FW-6432VIA Eden 500MHzVIA VX9004 x GbE RJ-45
FW-6436VIA Eden 500MHz or C7 1.5 GHzVIA VX9004 x GbE RJ-45
FW-5330AMD® T24L 1GAMD® A50M4x or 2x GbE RJ-45