Digital Signage

Lanner Fanless Embedded PC’s have multiple display output capability and are designed for wide deployment in video specific environments, such as Outdoor LED Display, Passenger Information Display, Control Room Visualization, Kiosks and Interactive Whiteboards. Our fanless embedded systems emphasize stability and longevity, and deliver an extremely reliable solution for most applications. These systems provide the perfect balance of size, price, performance and power consumption.

Digital Signage, Content Delivery and Video Surveillance with 4K Resolution

The popularity of displaying content in Ultra HD 4K resolution has seen high increases in demand since its technologies are being used in an array of display scenarios. Most common uses include digital signage, broadcast content playback, video surveillance, interactive whiteboard and other video related applications.

Delivering this type of resolution will require the inclusion of an Open Pluggable Standard (OPS) module for implementing the Ultra HD technology.

Lanner offers the 4K-ready LEC-7388 as the ideal solution for content delivery applications. It is an OPS and Intel Intelligent Pluggable Systems Specification (IPSS) compliant module built for video displays and other 4K compatible systems. The LEC-7388 is powered by 4th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 to ensure performance and reliability, featuring a rich I/O interface to provide flexibility for management and expansion.

Outdoor Tourist Information Display

Now ubiquitous in many of the tourist attraction sites across the globe are public information display screens. However, technological trends have many sites’ management on the search for interactive rich media outdoor displays.

Providing the previously mentioned displays requires integrating a reliable, weatherproof computer. The computer installed to power the interactive multimedia displays must withstand a wide range of temperatures.

The LEC-2280 series’ fanless design with Intel® Core® i7/i3/i5 is the ideal device, meeting the stated needs of robustness LEC-2280 offers excellent performance and rich expansion capability. It is embedded in IP-66 certified housing and built to operate continuously in temperatures of up to 55ºC. The LEC-2280 features rich I/O interface with two GbE LAN ports, two serial COM ports, six USB ports for communications and multiple display output ports (HDMI, VGA and DVI-D) to support separate video streams on dual displays.

Management of Live-On-Air Graphics

Placing dynamic graphics over live television feeds comes with differing demands including High Definition, Standard Definition resolutions and interoperability concerns with a wide array of devices.

Satisfying the demands requires integrating a powerful, reliable and flexible embedded pc to accommodate a variety of interfaces and media, with capacity for future upgrades.

Providing the required performance and flexibility, the LEC-2270P2 is a fanless embedded IPC with 2nd Gen Intel® Core i5/i7/Celeron processor featuring a variety of video and LAN interfaces as well as two PCI expansion slots to integrate third-party PCI modules and increase the video output options available. Furthermore, the LEC-2270P2 offers a fast and easy way for the operator to control onscreen graphics through either a Windows®-based graphical user interface or a dedicated control panel. Time tickers can be automated to update onscreen text, or previewed on an attached VGA display before committing to output.


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