Wireless Controller: Managing the Wireless Networks More Efficiently

Wireless Internet has moved from being a luxury to being an expected staple of life in hotels, conference venues, hospitals, university campuses and numerous places besides. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablet PCs the demand for wireless coverage in public spaces has increased dramatically.

The customer, a major player in the networking industry in the United States, needed to supply fast reliable wireless internet to a large number of simultaneous users. This necessitated the deployment of a highly capable distributed PC architecture in public spaces, with a wireless application controller as the key element in managing this architecture.

The Challenge

The client needed a real-time dedicated wireless application controller to handle wireless Internet traffic with up to 4,000 simultaneous connections. This requires a powerful CPU and custom-designed software to manage such a complex range of signals.

Also crucial to the client was a high degree of customization, including device housing, accessories, and software pre-installation.

The Solution

The FW-7582 was identified by Lanner in conjunction with the customer as being ideal for their needs. As a rackmountable network device with 3rd generation LAN bypass the FW-7582 has the right balance of cost, performance, and reliability, while remote system management allows for ease of maintenance.

Terence Chou, Lanner’s senior director of network computing product division, believes that “customization is core to our appeal across a wide range of product lines. The robust performance and high availability of Lanner network security platforms is also a crucial factor in appealing to demanding purchasers.”

The customer chose Lanner because of our track record of supplying the biggest names in the networking business with quality hardware. Coupled with the software expertise of the customer, the device is the perfect fit for their needs.

As Lanner controls every stage of the manufacturing process, we can respond positively to demands for extensive customization, both with hardware and software. We preloaded the customer’s software package on the hardware before shipping, allowing for immediate installation at the field site.

The Result

The solution is now deployed extensively across the US and Asia in hotels, casinos, and campuses. The customer continues to use this solution in new installations to provide stable wireless Internet to a large number of simultaneous users.

FW-7582 & FW-7584

The FW-7500 Series consists of desktop and 1U rackmount network appliances with x86 Intel processors, suitable for SMB UTM, firewalls, VPN, IPS and WAN optimization.

Lanner’s FW Series of x86 network appliances are known worldwide for reliability and flexibility. In addition to the industries already mentioned, industry leaders in enterprise firewalls, application delivery and other information security sectors have used the FW series for their hardware requirements for over a decade.

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