NGFW Appliances Empower Cloud-First Sandboxing for Remote Workers


Network security is an ever-increasing in today’s environment. According to one recent cybersecurity study, as many as 90% of companies have faced increasing cyber-attacks during the global Covid-19 pandemic. This has resulted in an increased number of security breaches using a number of advanced cyber-attack techniques, including malware, ransomware, zero-day exploits, and persistent threats.

Responses to this have included stringent regulations from the government regarding the adoption of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) protection policies and the appearance of many cloud-based platforms providing APT protection services. In addition, many companies are attempting to navigate the security challenges of having to adopt WFH (Work From Home) policies, which open up a different range of security issues that further complicate maintaining network and information security.


One common technology used to combat these security challenges is Sandboxing technology, which is used for blocking malware and detecting any successful invasion. To create a powerful solution using this technology, Lanner has partnered with a U.S. network security leader to produce a sandbox gateway appliance.

The appliance addresses the security challenge with a powerful feature set:

The Lanner Solution

Our NCA-5310 network sandbox appliance has a 1U rackmount design that maximizes performance using an AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series CPU. This advanced CPU is paired with PCIe 4.0 I/O performance and accelerated 40Gbps encryption/decryption security. The NCA-5310 design is optimized for application delivery, mobile edge computing, WAN optimization, DPI/IPS/IDS, NFV/SDN, and NGFW/UTM, providing a robust and comprehensive package to enhance network security architecture.

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