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NCA-5710: A Hyperscale Network Security Solution For Businesses Of All Sizes


Hyperscalability enables seamless system resource management, provisioning and distribution by integrating networking and compute resources in a software-defined system. A healthy and robust system must be built on such hyperscalability in order to combine storage, compute, and virtualization layers of an infrastructure into a single system architecture.

Hyperscale computing is in high demand as it offers businesses of all sizes not only the most cost-effective approach to satisfying a demanding set of requirements but also the least time-consuming deployment and automated management capabilities.


An industry leader from the cyber security industry came to Lanner in search of a hardware appliance for building private clouds capable of emulating the aforementioned flexibility and scalability. The resulting hyperscale architecture must combine storage, compute, and virtualization components in order to minimize deployment times, enable plug-n-play, create virtual machines as needed, boost network performance and finally deliver cost-effectiveness, all without the hassle of having to purchase and integrate multiple components from multiple vendors that could take months to configure and install.


Lanner’s NCA-5710, powered by the 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family (Skylake-SP/Cascade Lake-SP), not only offers dual CPU performance computing power and virtualization capacity in a 19” 1U form factor with high-port density but also features Intel® QuickAssist Technology, new Intel® AVX-512 instructions, Intel® Hyperscan and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).

With support for up to 384GB DDR4 system memory at 2666 MHz, the NCA-5710 greatly maximizes packet processing efficiency for virtual network functions, cryptography acceleration for deep packet inspection and next-generation firewall and UTM/IPS/IDS applications.

For optimal networking tasks, the NCA-5710 comes with dual LGA3647 CPU sockets and can be configured with either 4x GbE RJ-45 or 4x 10G SFP+ ports. The LAN expansion is made possible by way of its 4x NIC module slots that offer support for 10G/25G/40G/100G fiber/copper/bypass specifications.

The NCA-5710‘s other outstanding features include dual console ports (RJ45 c& mini-USB), dual USB 3.0 ports, 6x individual swappable fans, dual 2.5”HDD/SSD bays, 1x M.2, 850W 1+1 ATX redundant PSUs and optional PCIe*16 FH/HL.


A hyperscale network security solution built using Lanner’s NCA-5710 delivers benefits in three folds. First of all, the resulting hyperscalability brings with it the capability for scaling up (or down) existing gateways of any size on the fly and the support for significantly higher throughput.

Secondly, operation and management are greatly simplified as all gateways and layers are integrated into one unified security system; gateway deployments, on the other hand, can be carried out with fast TTM and automation by way of a single pane of glass management.

And thirdly, hardware resources are fully utilized for maximum cost-efficiency because multiple logical gateways are managed based on a single system; and threat prevention can be exponentially and effortlessly scaled up as gateways are added, all with no or minimal configuration and system downtime.


A hyperscale network solution, one that is built using Lanner’s NCA-5710, can be implemented in mere weeks or even days because all layers are combined and implemented as one unified system, removing complexities associated with managing and protecting a data center; once implemented, the power of flexible and scalable cloud-level security capabilities greatly benefit businesses of all sizes when trying to expand their existing architecture as their businesses grow.

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