V6S – The Rugged, Consolidated In-vehicle Platform for Intelligent Fleet

Managing a distributed fleet with hundreds to thousands of vehicles remotely can get overwhelming. By deploying the LTE-ready vehicle PC on the trucks, fleet managers can rely on telematics technologies to digitalize in-vehicle tasks and remotely monitor those distributed trucks and buses with a consolidated fleet management solution. The V6S enables on-board fleet management solution that includes monitoring, navigation, tracking, communication, and data logging to a remote control center.

The Lanner’s V6S has been verified by Genetec to be deployed as an in-vehicle computer for its Fleet Management solution. This joint solution provides fleet managers with a higher level of monitoring, management, and security in a single platform.

V6S Onboard Vehicle Computer

Designed to sustain the rigors of vehicular environments, the V6S is an onboard NVR computer that can collect, save, and send data from up to 10 video cameras with 10 PoE GbE. Rich I/O configuration (CAN bus, DVI, USB, DI/DO) can consolidate fleet management and intelligent bus applications, such as vehicle monitoring, driver terminal system, passenger information, etc. For mobile connectivity on the go, V6S supports LTE module PGN-600 that can transfer all data reliably to a remote server through the mobile LTE network.

Genetec Unified Security Center

When the on-board NVR is combined with the Genetec Unified Security Center, the remote platform for management, fleet managers can control, secure, and analyze the video feeds and other telematics data. The Genetec Unified Security Center include following features:

Vehicle sensors connect to the Security Center Vehicle Monitoring module onboard a hardened in-vehicle computer. This onboard module prioritizes and transfers video and data to the server-side system. A dedicated storage server, an archiver, collects, organizes, and stores the data. Operators connect to the server-side system for live monitoring and investigations.

Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion detection and analytics.

Security Center Fleet Monitoring collects all vehicle data and synchronizes it onboard. Linking vehicle telematics to onboard video recordings facilitates an incident investigation. Instead of sorting data through various systems, operators can focus on resolving incidents.

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