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Secure, Reliable and Centrally Managed Connectivity On the Go

Secure, Reliable and Centrally Managed Connectivity On the Go

SD-WAN has proved to the answer to address the performance and connectivity bottlenecks towards business applications requiring high degree of mobility. In fact, SD-WAN can be deployed over existing 4G LTE or upcoming 5G cellular infrastructure to boost QoS (quality of services) for dedicated mobile business services or applications. With mobile SD-WAN, real-time, service-oriented wireless connectivity can be automated as packets are routed automatically to the pre-defined routes, and thus boosting the performance and high-availability.

Lanner is specialized in the white-box servers to run mobile SD-WAN in a distributed network architecture. The white-box hardware by Lanner are powered by Intel x86 open architecture to deliver high-performance, virtualization capability and compatibility with open source software to enable managed services and the QoS (quality of service) in wireless communications for industries such as mobile business uses, connected vehicles and IoT devices.

Benefits of Mobile SD-WAN

  • Network Failover

    • ► Automatically redirect traffic with better performance
    • ► Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure communication
    • ► Re-establish VPN connections with failover handling

  • Load Balancing

    • ► Distribute bandwidth connections across available fixed-line and mobile broadband connections for optimal performance
    • ► A range of load balancing policies supported to balance performance, cost and data caps

  • Central Management

    • ► Centrally provision, monitor and manage over their WAN and remote devices
    • ► Centralized WAN monitoring and notifications
    • ► Real time view of WAN health and network availabilityAdvanced LAN Bypass

  • Built-in Security

    • ► Faster and more affordable VPN with combined bandwidth of multiple connections
    • ► Offload public Internet traffic at the network edge, reducing traffic sent through the VPN
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