Scalable 10G NIC Modules for Performance Boost and Connectivity Enhancement

10G NIC Modules

F.A.S.T. solutions are purpose-built modular kits developed for enhancing Lanner’s network computing appliances. These multi-functional modular kits come in the N2S, the N3S or the NCS2 form factor and aim to deliver flexibility, adaptability, scalability and transformability for all compatible appliances’ connectivity, storage and open compute capabilities.

F.A.S.T. connectivity series features support for 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet speeds in one or more modular slots; the modular kits can be retrofitted via either copper or fiber interface and are equipped with G3 copper and fiber bypass. Also featured are supports for TAP, POE functions, mini-PCIE slots for wifi/LTE connectivity and PCIE slots for other network options.

Today sees the release of two F.A.S.T. solutions from the connectivity series, namely the NCS2-IXM209 and the NCS2-IXM409. They come in Lanner’s standard slim type NCS2 form factor and are built with Intel XL-710-BM1 chipset in multi mode (NCS2-IXM409) and single mode (NCS2-IXM209).

Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710 (codenamed Fortville) integrates advanced traffic steering capabilities with Intel DPDK, enabling higher packet processing for network appliances in applications such as DPI, IPS/IDS and WAN optimization.

The NCS2-IXM209 and the NCS2-IXM409’s most notwithstanding features are their support for 10G LC fiber ports; whereas the NCS2-IXM409 offers 4 LC fiber ports, the NCS2-IXM209 offers 2, delivering socket direct, multi-host performance and lighting speed for almost all networking applications.

Also featured are Gen3 PCIe x8 golden finger and LAN LED.

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