Protect Your Valuable Data from Ransomware with Network Security Appliances

The recent incidents of ransomware have revealed new types of vulnerabilities towards enterprise data or the access to the data. Ransomware presents a new wave of malicious attacks based on cryptovirology, like Petya and WannaCry, which are well-known examples of new multi-vector ransomware that can evade detection and spread swiftly across network shares, resulting in data loss, access block or unwanted data exposure for SMBs, distributed enterprises, and even critical infrastructure sectors like banking, energy and transportation.

Since ransomware tends to penetrate enterprise networks in various directions, it requires a network security hardware deployed as the firewall/UTM that can perform advanced protection algorithm and instructions at the critical points, such as IPS/IDS, deep packet inspection, and email/web filtering to detect malicious codes with of systematic file encryption behavior and to block/remove any malware with similar patterns before any potential file encryption takes place.

Regarding firewall solutions to mitigate ransomware, Lanner provides a wide range of security-oriented network appliances including compact desktop gateways NCA-1031 and NCA-1210 for SMB endpoint protection, as well as high-performance 1U x86 NCA-5210 optimized for enterprise core network protection. These network appliances can well serve as intelligent anti-ransomware firewalls that can perform real-time behavior analysis, ransomware detection and automatic quarantine to provide network management the visibility of any detected encrypting files.

Recommended Network Appliances for Anti-Ransomware


Desktop Fanless x86 Network Appliance with Intel® Apollo Lake Processors

CPU Intel® Atom™ E3950/E3930 or N4200/N3350
Chipset SoC

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Compact x86 Desktop Network Appliance with Intel Atom C2000 SoC CPU

CPU 2/4-core Intel® Atom™ processor C2358/C2558 (Codenamed “Rangeley”)
Chipset SoC

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1U x86 Rackmount Network Appliance Powered by Intel®’s 7th Gen Core Processors

CPU Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Xeon® E3-1200v5/v6 or Pentium® or Celeron® (Skylake/Kaby Lake)
Chipset Intel® C236

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