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Open uCPE Platforms – Enabling Multi-vendor SD-WAN Services


Enabling Multi-vendor SD-WAN Services

Multi-vendor SD-WAN services help managed service providers benefit from the time-to-market flexibility and the agility while reducing TCO. The deployment of multi-vendor SD-WAN involves comprehensive validation and integration of uCPE platform with a variety of software service chaining, including security, SDN switching, routing, NFV, vBNG/vCGNAT and service assurance.

To meet the mission-critical demand for multi-vendor networks, Lanner offers a full range of open, interoperable uCPE platforms that deliver multi-core computing power, virtualization-optimized throughput, crypto acceleration engines, and WiFi/LTE/5G-ready connectivity. Pre-validated by most of SD-WAN and NFV partners, Lanner uCPE appliances provides a truly open network platforms in multi-vendor environment, offering flexibility and cost advantages for creating agile and profitable managed services.



  • Verizon’s enhanced uCPE program will run on Lanner’s uCPE platform and integrate seamlessly with existing Virtual Network Service (VNS) on the Verizon global network.

  • Lanner vCPE platforms has been validated by the Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector and CentOS




uCPE for High Availability SD-WAN in Retail


Consolidated uCPE for Multi-vendor Services in Retail

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