New HTCA Storage Blade Enhancement Enables Cloud CDN

The content delivery network (CDN) was initially developed to deliver content with higher availability and performance. Content and systems are migrating from data centers to the cloud, creating new challenges for acceleration.

Our new HTCA storage blade (HDM-2200A) offers fast read/write speeds and low-latency with NVMe drives. What’s more, the HTCA appliances have built in scalability to meet data-intensive workloads, such as CDN (Content Delivery Networks). It is designed to be compatible with HTCA-6400 and HTCA-6600 appliances.

Lanner’s NFVI-ready platforms, the HTCA-6400 and HTCA-6600, have undergone comprehensive testing and validation with carrier-grade NFVI software. This helps to ensure service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) can accelerate the time-to-market of their products. The HTCA platforms are ideal for CDNs, Anti-DDoS NGFW, Open RAN, BRAS and MEC. With 5G deployment gaining speed worldwide, firms are exceedingly looking to open programmable “whitebox” hardware and programmable software-defined networks.

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