Network Appliances for Mitigating Network Security Risks between Edge and Core

Due to the rapid evolution of cyber attacks, large and small businesses and organizations across the network layers are exposed to extremely high risks of data security threats. Cyber security service providers need reliable, customizable and scalable hardware solutions that accelerate their time-to-market deployment for network security, crypto acceleration, traffic management and next-gen SDN/NFV.

Lanner, having had experience in developing hardware solutions for the rapid-growing network security industry for over three decades, is today the leading manufacturer for top-notch hardware platforms for the NGFW, WAN optimization, DDoS Protection and SDN/NFV applications. We service a large proportion of first-tier network solution providers and are committed to delivering highly customizable hardware and software parts of a platform, including chassis, dimensions, modular/fixed ports, BIOS, IPMI, acceleration cards, NIC modules and required certifications.

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