NCA-1040: Fanless Multi-service Gateway For CPE And Edge Computing

Lanner today launched the NCA-1040, a fanless multi-service gateway (MSG) and a follow-up to the NCA-1010 and NCA-1020. The introduction of the NCA-1040, which is powered by the Intel Atom® x6413E/Pentium® N6415 (Codenamed Elkhart Lake) CPUs, is to further fulfill the dramatically increased demand for Edge security computing and CPE, driven by the popularity and prevalence of mobile devices and their various usages/applications.

The NCA-1040‘s form factor (180 x 32 x 168 mm), relatively low power consumption and robust processing capability all make it perfect for deployment at Edge environment, branch offices and retail settings for applications such as routing, VoIP, VPN, firewall, IPS/IDS, web filtering, email server, high-volume storage and wireless networking hub.

Intel Atom® x6413E/Pentium® N6415 both come built in with Intel® AES-NI new instruction set for network security. For memory, NCA-1040 supports up to 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz SODIMM. Furthermore, this appliance is equipped with 4x SMA antenna holes for wireless signals. The NCA-1040‘s other outstanding features include Mini PCIe, M.2 and nano SIM slots for mobile connectivity, 4x GbE RJ45 ports for 24/7 network communications, 1x console port, 1x USB 3.0 and 1x display port.

All in all, the NCA-1040 is a well-rounded MSG for SMEs and branch offices, offering low total cost of ownerships, satisfying performance, unified management, simple installation and easier maintenance.

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Fanless x86 Network Appliance With Intel Atom® x6413E/N6415 CPU (Codenamed Elkhart Lake)

CPU Intel Atom® x6413E/N6415 (Elkhart Lake)
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