Lanner Introduces HLM-1003, a 40G Hot-swappable Network Blade Empowered by Intel Ethernet Controller XL710 to Expand Selections

Lanner, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of network appliances, today introduced the latest Ethernet blade HLM-1003, empowered by Intel® Fortville XL710 and eight 40G fiber QSFP+ ports. HLM-1003, designed in HLM specifications, is compatible with Lanner’s x86 network appliances HTCA-6000 series to expand network connectivity for telecom appliances.

HLM-1003 leverages the technological benefits from Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710, including hardware optimizations and Intel technologies such as Intel Ethernet Flow Director and intelligent offloads for cloud and network virtualization deployment. HLM-1003 is designed with 40GbE QSFP+ connectivity, therefore meeting the needs of next-generation agile data center by delivering high throughput, agility, flexibility, hot-swappable capability and performance for both computing and network virtualization.

Major features of HLM-1003 are summarized as below:

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