Lanner, AxxonSoft Form Alliance to Optimize Physical Security and Surveillance Solutions

Lanner, a global leader in rugged vehicle PC, and AxxonSoft, a leading company specializing in Video Surveillance and Security Solution, have formed an alliance to supply the market with optimized in-vehicle embedded surveillance systems, which integrate cloud control, VMS management and versatile hardware platforms, in order to enable effective, real-time video surveillance solutions for buses, trucks and rolling stock. In this alliance, Lanner’s LEC-2580P physical security appliance has been validated by and compliant with Axxon Next 4.0 and become Axxon’s Certified Partner in the video surveillance ecosystem.

The AxxonSoft Next 4.0 VMS (video management software) is a comprehensive application offering visual search of surveillance footage, and Axxon Intellect PSIM, is capable of powering security systems for the requirements in real-sites of any size and industry. The software supports real-time video detection, moving objects tracking, auto-zoom and H.264/H.265 streaming and video compression format. Axoon solution is compliant with ONVIF for maximum IP surveillance compatibility.

By taking security and safety into considerations, Lanner’s LEC-2580P is applied in this case as a top-notch physical security appliance to work seamlessly with IP surveillance systems worldwide. LEC-2580P is a state-of-the-art hardware gateway that comes with multiple PoE LAN ports for IP camera installations. With proper installation of LEC-2580P, each armored vehicle is equipped with up to seven IP cameras on board. Lanner also features high-performance and I/O intensive physical security appliance LEC-2580P for mission-critical infrastructure. They are built with high-processing CPUs, multiple LAN ports and other I/O configurations suitable for IP surveillance conditions.

The alliance between Lanner and AxxonSoft will combine their resources and experiences in the research and development sector to provide leading-edge vehicle surveillance solutions in both software applications and hardware design, which will optimize performance and time-to-deployment for system integrators and service providers. System integrators and solution providers will be benefited from enhanced serviceability and validated end-to-end mobile surveillance system through this alliance.

About Lanner

Lanner Electronics Inc is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrator, service providers and application developers.

About AxxonSoft

Founded in 2003, AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. Axxon Next is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software with powerful analytics. Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can scale infinitely: there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Security needs of all sizes” from those of large-scale distributed facilities to the smallest sites ” can be efficiently met with the Axxon Next VMS.

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