HTCA-6000 Series: 5G Telco Cloud / NGCO in a Box

The Telco Cloud presents a fundamental evolution in the way carriers operate, perform, and manage, from leveraging technologies, such as NFV, SDN, AI, automation to deploying virtualization and programmable infrastructure to adopting cloud business practices. With the continued expansion of 5G and edge technology, the mobile network enables deployment of applications close to the edge to improve latency and higher bandwidth.

Service providers are under continuous pressure to increase network capacity in order to deliver an enhanced customer experience. An Edge MEC solution is an agile, flexible platform using open, distributed architecture that make telco and edge cloud easy to design, deploy, and operate. This “Telco cloud in a box” comprises of the server blades, network infrastructure and storage, all in a single platform, resulting in a next-gen SDN-based platform optimized for edge computing and virtualized applications deployment.

Software-defined, cloud infrastructure of a 5G Telco Cloud relies on a highly flexible, dynamic, programmable, easy-to-deploy network that can perform with scalability. Lanner’s HTCA-6000 checks all the boxes and designed to fit MEC, Telco Cloud, and NGCO in one system. The hyper-converged design provides open, cloud-native, programmable architecture. The cost-effective flexible blade design allows for edge infrastructure to reach carrier-grade performance.

Contact Lanner to learn how Lanner can work with you on integrating HTCA-6000 Series into your particular use cases and deployment scenarios.

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