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F.A.S.T. Network Module – Modular NIC for Scalable I/O and Boost Performance


Modular NIC for Scalable I/O and Boost Performance

Design and customize your appliances for today’s dynamic network environments, Lanner F.A.S.T. network modules aims to deliver Flexibility, Adaptability, Scalability and Transformability for Lanner network appliances. Choose from a wide selection of swappable NIC module, including 20+ Ethernet network modules for RJ-45/SFP/bypass at speed from 10GbE to 100GbE, as well as LTE/WiFi wireless connectivity and AI/video transcoding expansion modules. These multi-functional modular kits unleash the scalability and flexibility for your network appliances.


Ethernet Modules


2x 100G SFP+ 2x 40G SFP+ 8x RJ45 PoE+ 4x 10G SFP+ Bypass

Delivering Real-time 100 Gbps DDoS Protection with Reduced Time to Mitigation and Operational Complexity


LTE/WiFi Modules


WiFI/LTE Module Cat-6 LTE Module Cat-12 LTE Module

SD-WAN Help Retailers Enable High-Availability and High-Bandwidth Network Edge


Accelerator Module


nVidia AI Module 4K Video Transcoding Module

GPU-accelerated Network Video Platform Enables 10bit HEVC Transcoding for IPTV Broadcasting



PCIe Expansion Module


1 x PCIe x16 Carrier Module 2 x PCIe x8 Carrier Module


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