Empower Intelligence in Transportation with Rugged Vehicle/Rail Computer

Efficient, safe and secure transportation networks are the foundation of all modern cities’ development and substantiality. The most sought-after intelligent solutions refers to the deployment of mobile computing and connectivity in every part of an inter-connected transportation system; such deployment enables in-vehicle control, GPS monitoring, video surveillance and infotainment in bus, truck and train environment, not only improving security for passengers and cargos, but also enhancing service flexibility and optimizing fleet efficiency.

With years of experience through custom vehicle hardware services for our clients in Europe, North America and Asia, Lanner has dedicated itself in supplying the all-in-one, rugged vehicle/rail computer deployed in various transit bus, fleet truck and rolling stock settings. These rugged computers are specifically designed as in-vehicle/rail gateway for fleet management, in-vehicle NVR/DVR for mobile surveillance and rail communication platform for train control, monitoring and infotainment.

In-Vehicle Gateway for Fleet Management

Fleet and Service Truck Control, Monitoring and Tracking



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Rugged NVR/DVR for Video Surveillance

Infotainment, Surveillance for Bus and Law Enforcement Vehicle



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Modular Platform for Rail Communications

Train/Metro Control, Monitoring, Passenger Information System



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