ECA-4025: A Short Depth Chassis Edge Computing Appliance for Accelerated 5G Deployments

Lanner today announced the release of the ECA-4025, a short depth chassis edge computing appliance, powered by 8~16 cores Intel® Xeon® D-2100 series processor (codenamed Skylake-D), for 5G Open RAN, Edge Cloud, and AI edge-focused applications with extensive configuration options.

ECA-4025 is a high-performance appliance designed to leverage edge computing for accelerating 5G Edge Cloud deployment. ECA-4025 supports a PCIe slot, designed to support FPGA, GPU or Time Sync cards, making it suitable as Edge AI server for smart city applications, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) server for 5G Edge Cloud, and Open RAN platform for Distributed Units.

Being compact in size with a short depth chassis of 438 x 300 x 44 mm, ECA-4025 can be installed in outdoor limited spaces such as pole mount cabinets and edge server rooms. Aiming to make the platform easy maintenance, the ECA-4025‘s I/O ports, power outlet, and fans are all located frontal side, including a fan system that can be accessed without opening the top cover. Its wide operating temperature range allows for durable usage in environments where temperatures range from -40 to 65°C. Its unique side airflow cooling system also promotes heat dissipation to further improve system reliability.

ECA-4025 has on-board Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for secure crypto-processing to provide tamper resistance at the hardware level. Additionally, the platform is protected with BIOS-based security authentication feature, and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) for remote management, enable WAN efficiency, chassis management, network configuration, and remote firmware update, without compromising on security.

The ECA-4025‘s other outstanding features include

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1U 19" Rackmount Open RAN Appliance with Intel® Xeon® D-2100 Multi-core Processor (Codenamed Skylake-DE)

CPU Intel® Xeon® D2100 8/12/14/16 Cores
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