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Computing at the Rugged Edge – Ensuring Visibility, Security, Connectivity at Remote Locations

Ensuring Visibility, Security, Connectivity at Remote Locations

Edge computing harnesses computing capabilities closer to the source of data generation, thus attaining low-latency, real-time insights for industrial sectors seeking to make better strategic decisions. The benefits of incorporating computing at the rugged edge are clear, however, when deployed in harsh environments that are challenging to electronic components, a ruggedized industrial computer will have the ability to enable remote control, service agility and data visibility at the edge networks.

To solve this issue of computing at the edge, Lanner provides rugged edge computers, such as industrial-grade network appliances and industrial PCs, which have been specifically developed to withstand the rigors of harsh usage conditions. Certified by industrial standards, Lanner's rugged edge computers are purpose-built through a combination of mechanical and thermal engineering to address the issues of electronic surge, high availability and extreme temperatures.


  • High Availability & Ruggedness

    ■ Wide Temperature
    ■ I/O Isolation & ESD Protection
    ■ IEC-61850/IEEE 1613 Certified

  • Build in Hardware Security

    ■ BIOS Security
    ■ Onboard TPM 2.0
    ■ Crypto Acceleration

  • Variety of I/O and Connectivity

    ■ LTE/5G Connectivity
    ■ Multiple GbE & SFP Ports
    ■ PCIe/PCI Expansion


  • LTE Edge Gateway for Remote Pipeline Monitoring

  • Wide Temperature LTE Router for Border Security

  • IEC-61850 High Availability PC for Substation Automation

  • Industrial Firewall for Smart Grid Cyber Security

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