Comprehensive Hardware Solutions for Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial Cyber SecuritySince the beginning of industry 4.0, the increased networking of automation system in critical infrastructure has been frequently the main targets for advanced cyber crime, which can highly devastate reliability and serviceability of utility service and production. In fact, as most of the security measures for ICS (Industrial Control System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system today are still traditional against modern attacks, there is an urgent need for more comprehensive, multi-layer network security solutions in order to ensure secured communications in industrial networks.

As the leading hardware solution provider for network security, Lanner offers tailored-made hardware platforms designed to continuously protect the communication in the targeted automation networks, such as energy, manufacturing and oil and gas industries. Our hardware solutions range from rugged industrial UTM installed in the industrial zones, to 1U/2U network security appliances applicable for the industrial DMZ and office networks.

Industrial Zone UTM

In order to mitigate the risk of deliberate cyber attack that could lead to the shutdown of the entire automation networks, numerous network segments are created in industrial zones, where a compact, 24/7 industrial firewall is needed to prevent unauthorized remote access and controlled by security measures such as VPN data encryption, protocol filtering, and white listing.

Lanner Solutions


Wide Temperature ICS Cyber Security Box PC with Intel® Atom™ E3845 Processor

CPU Intel Atom E3845
Chipset N/A

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Industrial DMZ Security Gateway

Industrial DMZ is built to work as the segregated interfaces between industrial networks and other networks. Usually installed near the on-site operation center, the industrial DMZ offers the data access for other networks, while keeping the users of these networks from directly accessing to the networks in the industrial zone.

Designed to defend advanced cyber attacks (such as DDoS attack) at historian servers and domain controllers in the industrial DMZ, Lanner offers the mid-range 1U network appliances, featuring chassis design, x86 performance, up to 20+ LAN/SFP ports and advanced LAN bypass and hardware-based crypto engine.

Lanner Solutions


1U High Performance x86 Network Appliance for Enterprise Firewall, UTM and IPS.

CPU Onboard Intel Xeon processor D-1518 or D-1548 series (Broadwell-DE)
Chipset SoC

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Enterprise Network Security Appliance

The main reason of cyber vulnerability in segregated automation network is due to the malicious code from the outside. Enterprise PCs connected to the Internet or unsecured external devices such as laptop, tablet and USB peripherals, all cause loopholes for malwares and virus to the office and industrial networks.

Built for protecting enterprise networks, Lanner provides the high-performance enterprise network firewalls with high availability and reliability. These 2U rackmount x86 network appliances are equipped with extreme computing power, expansion capability and full redundancy support, making them ideal for demanding security applications such as IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).

Lanner Solutions


High-performance x86 Network Security Appliance based on Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 CPUs

CPU Support 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 series processor on LGA2011- R3 (Haswell-EP)
Chipset Intel® C612 series Chipset

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