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Building Multi-Layer Network Security

Comprehensive Hardware Portfolios Mitigate
OT+IT Cyber Vulnerabilities

As networking technology advances, Cyber threats have also evolved in multiple forms to take advantage of the vulnerability of connectivity for companies of all sizes. In the past, malicious cyber attacks were solely targeted onto global, large-scale corporations and government bodies. However, the attacks have spread to small and medium size companies, indicating that conventional cyber-security measures have been proved inadequate to mitigate today’s evolved cyber threats.

To countermeasure the evolved cyber-threats, Lanner has introduced the most comprehensive hardware solutions to protect network infrastructure from edge to cloud, converging both IT and OT domains. Lanner offers a wide range of hardware portfolio covering threat mitigations in operation technology, VPN gateway, enterprise IT, cloud DDoS, industrial networking zones, edge network at branches, and also data center, to eliminate all the loopholes and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities.

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