2020 Flashback – The Pandemic Pushes AI, Security and Cloud Computing to the Edge

2020 is a tough year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way live. The new normal has led to the security and service latency issue due to remote working and learning. To meet the increasing demands from network service agility, there is an accelerating trend of deploying AI, security and cloud computing capabilities close to the network edge, which not only minimizes the communication latency due to proximity to users and devices, but also offers load-balancing and bandwidth optimization.

Ensuring Security and Visibility for Remote Workforces

As companies scramble to enable and support WFH on a large scale amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Lanner provides on premise security appliances that enable a trusted virtual private networks (VPN) for tunneled connections over public network and IPsec traffic encryption, as well as rugged edge gatewaysthat simplify data acquisition and delivery for distributed manufacturing infrastructure.

Automating Networking for Distributed Branches

In order to maintain business continuity and reduce costs and complexities during the pandemic, large-scale retailers and distributed enterprises are turning to SD-WAN, which provides more secure and reliable WAN services across legacy multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks and broadband internet access, allowing branch offices to maintain dedicated links back to corporate headquarters and support broadband internet connections to cloud services.

Accelerating the Deployment of Edge AI

The COVID-19 virus outbreak is changing the way we commute. Train terminals, airports, metro stations are now the virus hot zone. To limit the spread of the virus and protect passenger safety, Lanner partners with FogHorn to provide the Edge AI Health Monitoring Solution with edge computing capabilities, pre-configured machine learning models, notification capabilities, and visualization dashboards.

Moving Computing Capabilities to the Edge

Edge computing has become a fundamental architecture of 5G service deployments in various applications. Lanner takes the initiative by providing interoperable MEC solutions powered by multi-node processors, massive storage, and programmable switching. The MEC solution provides unprecedented flexibility that allows service providers to deploy an SDN enabled programmable switching infrastructure with precision time protocol support for applications such as 5G, cybersecurity, Cloud RAN and Content Delivery.

To bring edge compute technology to rural areas, Lanner also joined Trilogy Networks and the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI) to provide the Intelligent Edge Compute platform that enables real-time precision agriculture applications at the rural edge and increases operational efficiency and profits by 10%.

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