Lanner Joins Big 5G Event to Showcase Ultra-low Footprint SD-WAN Solution

Communications service provides (ComSPs) are looking at ways to lower their OPEX/CAPEX when delivering network services more efficiently. The disaggregation of hardware and software driven by NFV enables them to deliver VNFs on low-footprint white-box uCPE, rather than proprietary, vertically-integrated platform. uCPE provides clear economic values for ComSPs, as it addresses cost reduction and service agility at the same time. As the world leader in customizable SDN and NFV network appliances and uCPE Whitebox Solutions™, Lanner will join the Big 5G Event to showcase its latest Intel x86-based uCPE/vCPE hardware portfolio designed for lightweight SD-WAN and network virtualization. Drop by and visit Lanner booth at #B904 at Denver, USA from May 6 to May 8, 2019.

Lanner and ENEA Joint demonstration for Ultra-lightweight SD-WAN Solution

A virtualization platform that has optimized hardware and software enables lower hardware costs, since fewer cores and less memory are needed to deliver necessary performance. Together with Fortinet, Lanner and Enea will demonstrate this cost-effective SD-WAN solution at Big 5G Event. In the demo, Fortinet’s FortiGate provides SD-WAN functionality, while virtualization and uCPE management is provided by Enea NFV Access, running on Lanner 2-core LUNA-D125 hardware.

4G/LTE/Wifi Ready White Box Solution

At the event Lanner will demonstrate the latest WiFi-ready vCPE/uCPE platforms NCA-1515, a desktop network appliance powered by Intel® Atom™ C3758/C3558/C3308 CPU (codenamed Denverton). The NCA-1515 can be fitted with up to six antennas for enhanced 4G/LTE/Wifi connectivity, not only making device deployment at remote offices and distributed locations possible but also enabling SD-WAN portals capable of delivering add-on VNF services such as VoIP, VPN, firewall and QoE.

Rugged Network Appliances for Massive IIoT

Lanner will bring our latest rugged network appliance NCR-1510, featuring Intel server-grade processor with wide operating temperature capability. This new platform is designed to deploy at the micro data center or CORD as an outdoor server, which handles and optimizes massive IIoT traffic from large amount of connected sensors in future 5G networks,

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