Edge-to-cloud AI Deployment with Microsoft Azure and Lanner Intelligent Edge Appliances

Advanced AI applications now face fundamental challenges in latency and reliability, edge-to-cloud AI solutions that can be deployed with existing core IT infrastructure are now key AI enablers. Harnessing existing workflows is instrumental to edge-ready solutions capable of closing complex gaps between core business IT investments, competencies and upcoming AI opportunities.

Edge-to-cloud AI deployment requires multitasking workloads at the edge and cloud networks to reduce latency and increase efficiency. As some of the workloads at the edge AI appliance can leverage GPU acceleration for video analytics, advanced analytics requires a scalable cloud platform for further analysis at a centralized infrastructure.

On June 15, 2021, Microsoft partners with Lanner to simplify AI deployments at the edge with Azure IoT edge module, runtime, cloud interface and Lanner Edge AI appliance. During the on-demand video session you will learn:

Our Speakers


Ben Lee

Principal Solution Specialist


Maulik Upala

AI Product and Market Development Manager,

Lanner Electronics

Microsoft Azure IoT Service

Microsoft Azure IoT Service is integrated based on its decades of enterprise experience and adopts a design suitable for all organizations. Microsoft Azure IoT Service leverages IoT platform services to build industry-leading IoT solutions. With secure, enterprise-level, predictable pricing and industry-focused features, it can be expanded with business growth, ensuring that your assets can be reused and integrated with existing business applications.

Lanner Edge AI Appliance

Lanner Electronics, a world-leading hardware provider with design, engineering, and manufacturing services for edge AI appliances. The advanced deployment of powerful AI solutions in competitive markets has evolved CPU, GPU, VPU and ASICs accelerated hardware requirements down to the very edge for AI inferencing and Lanner is dedicated to supplying well-curated compute platforms to meet this demand.

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