Embedded IoT Gateway Platform

An IoT Gateway is a device that enables electronic devices to communicate and share data, data which can be analyzed then transformed into valuable information enabling optimization of operational processes for industries involved in Manufacturing, Transportation Systems, Electrical Grids and Healthcare. Experts estimated there will be over 6 billion devices connected and sharing data on the IoT in 2016 and that every day over 5 million new devices will be join the network. Required in order to provide seamless support for the ever-increasing amounts of devices is integration of an IoT Gateway that is capable of making the connection between the many devices to serve as a communication pathway for Aggregation, Filtering and Transmission of data from the devices to the Cloud. Lanner’s Embedded IoT Gateway Platforms design is small form factor and fanless, based on Intel® Quark™ and Intel® Atom™ technology, it is equipped with WiFi/3G/4G/LAN connectivity and offers wide operating temperature in addition to humidity and dust protection. Our hardware is the ideal drop-in solution for applications in harsh environment.

Lanner is the first-choice hardware partner for numerous OEM’s around the world for its capacity to customize hardware to the board level and provide a customized branded solution completely tuned to the customer’s application requirements. Our experienced development team walks you through the entire process, from selecting your core architecture and mechanical design, to network I/O considerations to defining your final specification.

Lanner’s Featured IoT Gateway Platforms:

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