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Deploying Rugged Surveillance Platforms to Protect Critical Infrastructures


Critical infrastructures are constantly encountered with physical security threats due to the increasingly reported incidents. Since these utility providing plants, such as power substation, renewable energy plants, nuclear plants, oil and gas refinery, hydropower dam, water supply facility and other heavy industries, are mostly located in remote areas with vast coverage, real-time monitoring and surveillance for critical infrastructure have become a highly discussed subject to prevent uprising threats such as intruding theft and terrorism.

To mitigate all the possible threats with asset monitoring in critical infrastructures, an all-in-one solution is required to enable remote 24/7 video surveillance, providing visualized remote monitoring for awareness and immediate decision.


A critical infrastructure surveillance expert in North America worked with Lanner for a multiple PoE video surveillance platform that can perform reliably in remote asset monitoring of multiple facilities with wide coverage. Since the monitoring is mostly conducted in a remote approach, the solution must be capable of visualizing remote operations to detect any possible unusual behaviors in multiple sites. Also, by integrating surveillance systems in SCADA sites, the surveillance system can detect abnormal events and supply related video footage for operators to make real-time response and critical decisions.

Therefore, the surveillance and security solution must incorporate the following technological functions:

Designed for harsh substation environments

Critical infrastructures are mostly situated in remote, unmanned harsh environments with possible electrical surges or other uncertainties. Thus, the demanded solution shall be compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 to ensure reliability.

Connections with IP cameras

Video surveillance and visualization of remote operations are the critical elements in this application. Therefore, the demanded solution must be able to support at least 4 fixed IP cameras or 2 fixed plus 1 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.

Power-over Ethernet

In order to establish connections with IP surveillance cameras, the required solution must be designed with hot-pluggable Power-over Ethernet (PoE) ports.

Wide operating temperature and fanless design

Extreme ambient temperature may occur in critical infrastructures. Thus, the required solution must support wide range of operating temperature from -20ºC to +60ºC. Physically, the system must be in fanless design for industrial environments.

Redundant power supply by dual power path

Redundant power supply is crucial in environments such as power grid and substations. Dual power path might be able to provide sufficient supply.

Compact form factor with DIN Rail mount

Due to space limitations, compact form factor is favored and inside critical infrastructures, DIN Rail is the preferred mounting option.

Supports video analytics for detection alert and notification

The required solution shall support third-party video analytic software to enable detection alerts and notifications.


Lanner’s LEC-6032E is presented as a video surveillance server gateway in power substation or other critical infrastructures such as oil and gas refinery, water supply facility, hydropower dam and renewable and nuclear plants. LEC-6032E, the new member of current Lanner LEC-6032 product family, is designed with PoE connectivity, allowing the security gateway to connect with IP cameras. Since LEC-6032E comes with four PoE ports, the gateway can be connected with up to four IP surveillance cameras.

The PoE ports of LEC-6032E are compliant with IEEE 802.3af standards for compatibility under magnetic isolation protection, making it the ideal platform for video surveillance deployment in unmanned sites.

In terms of physical characteristics, LEC-6032E is also built in fanless and compact form factor for deployment purpose, just like all the models in the same product family. The gateway device can be mounted by DIN Rail method. As a surveillance gateway for critical infrastructure, LEC-6032E supports -20ºC to +60ºC operating temperature.

Similar to other models in the LEC-6032 family, LEC-6032E is driven by Intel Atom E3845 1.91 GHz SoC for low power consumption and moderate performance. Also, the Intel x86 architecture allows LEC-6032E to execute third-party video analytic software for detection alert and notification.

In case of LAN connection failure, LEC-6032E supports one pair of RJ-45 ports with LAN bypass function.

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