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Custom-made Connected Platforms for Industrial IoT Applications

IoT vs Industrial IoT

IoT is conventionally associated with consumer electronics and application scenarios. One of such application scenarios is a smart thermostat device used as the connected gateway for connecting you to your air conditioning system at home so that you can switch on/off and/or control interior temperature from a distance, before you arrive at your house. And if a downtime does occur, the connection can be re-established by resetting the said device.

Industrial IoT, on the other hand, is applied for mission-critical application scenarios such as factory automation, intelligent transportation, physical security, substation automation; such applications deal with real-time data transfer from numerous and various types of connected detectors, sensors and controllers, on a 24-7-365 basis. A downtime in such critical applications could result in the loss of millions of dollars or worse, in life-threatening emergencies. Connected platforms used in these applications have to be relied on for their high availability and long product life cycle. They must be designed and configured especially for security, sensor I/O connectivity and deployment at extreme environments.

Challenges in Industrial IoT

The major challenge facing the industrial IoT is the integration of processing, connectivity and security. Every industrial setting is different and unique and the standardization of hardware and software is not universally available. Therefore, each successful IIOT application is independent and the hardware/software offered by the solution providers must be customizable and reduce obstacles caused by commercially off-the-shelf systems in order to accelerate time-to-market deployment.

30 Years of Excellence and Trust in Building Industrial IoT Platforms

To meet the requirements for mission-critical applications for real-time edge computing and cloud connectivity, Lanner offers a wide selection of industrial PCs featuring the x86 computing power, high-availability/longevity design, custom I/Os configuration, and scalable/customizable options. Over the past 30 years our extensive connected platforms have been fulfilling the many specifications and configurations required for most industrial IoT applications, namely machine vision, factory automation, physical security, substation automation, mobile surveillance and ICS cyber security

Designed and Manufactured for Industrial IoT Applications

Lanner offers leading technological integration and long-established manufacturing capability, providing services and customized solutions for industrial IoT applications.

Lanner’s flexible and well-managed production line is capable of customizing both hardware and software parts for a platform, including processors, motherboard, chassis, dimensions, I/O interface, mounting options, power supply, BIOS and certifications.

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