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Casino Surveillance and Security

Lanner’s Network Video Surveillance platforms provide the ideal hardware platform for casino surveillance systems.

A typical casino requires 2,000 or more digital or analog video cameras running 24 hours a day. This volume of video data is not only cumbersome, it is expensive to manage. But with today’s advances in digital video technology, the price of maintaining such large surveillance systems is declining, and casinos around the world are taking advantage of these new technologies to lower costs, improve efficiency and reduce the level of complexity.

By switching to IP cameras and network video, casinos achieve higher quality video, greater accessibility and better control over recorded video data. Accessibility is also a growing concern as gaming commissions are now requiring the use of network video for remote access, leading to the requirement that captured digital video be transferred and stored over a local network, which in turn places increasing demands on the casino’s network infrastructure.

Reliable, high volume network video solutions are required. Lanner provides the building blocks for creating high capacity, high performance and highly reliable network video systems for large installations such as casino surveillance systems. Lanner network video recorders (NVR) and capture cards utilize the latest H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Codec) standard for compression and delivering video streams over IP networks. The H.264 codec provides the best combination of resolution and file size currently available, and offers distinct advantages in terms of network bandwidth and file storage requirements, especially for large surveillance systems like those in casinos.

Deploying surveillance systems on high quality hardware platforms like Lanner NVR and storage platforms ensures that casino operators achieve maximum availability, security and return on investment.

All in all, the LEC-2580’s high-performance processors, ample storage, high availability, scalable expansion rich I/O and networking communications interface make it the all-in-one, one-for-all solution for almost all IoT applications, especially those involving video surveillance and video analytics.

Presenting a rugged and fanless design, with wide operating temperatures and 12VDC to 30 VDC input range, the LEC-2580 is a PoE ready Embedded Box PC driven by high-performance Intel Core i7-6600U/i5-6300U/i3-6100U CPU and Intel HD Graphics to deliver high graphic processing capability. Features offered include DDR3L 1333/1600MHz memory up to 16GB, dual 2.5″ HDD/SSD with RAID 0/1 built in, 6x RJ-45 ports, 4x RS-232/422/485 serial ports, 6x USB ports and 2x HDMI ports, each supporting resolution up to 3840 x 2160@24Hz or 2560 x 1600@60Hz, and expansion capabilities which are made possible via one full-sized mini-PCIe socket with SIM card reader.

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