Innovating Intelligent Transportation for a Connected World

Network Communications for Transport

Introduction Maritime Vehicle Rolling Stocks Introduction Setting up network infrastructures for transportation applications could be complicated when establishing integrated connections for the internal and external subsystems. In fact, most currently used mobile communications in transportation environments like cargo ships and trains adopt multiple WANs (Wide Area Networks) networks to connect subsystems like GPS and also …

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Railway Video Surveillance Makes Metro Transit More Secured

Background In recent years, the incidents of attempted terror attacks on metro systems have increased at a global level. To assure the safety of the passengers, video surveillance systems for public transit setting seem to be the immediate solution. Being the country with world’s most complicated transit network and highest passenger volume, the metro operators …

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Delivering In-train Infotainment with Onboard Passenger Information System


Fanless In-vehicle PC with MIL-STD-810G Certified Shock and Vibration Resistance

All-weather All-terrain IPC for Military Transport


MIL-STD-810G compliant and IP-67-rated embedded box PC

Ensuring Secured Public Transit Environments with Mobile Video Surveillance System

Background The increasing number of terrorist attacks to public transits has rapidly triggered the awareness of passenger safety. Public transportation like buses and trains in major cities became victimized for bombing. Mass transit operators are urging for a real-time mobile surveillance system to capture what could have been missed throughout the moving buses or subway …

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