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Containers and virtual machine architecture comparison

Containers vs virtualization: which is superior?

Virtualization has been the foundation for many modern technologies, and that CAN’T go without saying for the next- generation network implementation: Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking (NFV/SDN). Virtualization has consistently been used to simplify deployment, management, orchestration and elasticity for communication service providers (CSP) and today leading CSPs have virtualized over half of their […]

SD-WAN the most disruptive SDN/NFV solution to date

Software-defined Wide Area Networking is a fast-growing technology which seeks to supplement, or in many cases replace expensive managed lines with software-optimized network fabric running on commodity internet links and general computing hardware. It’s easy to see why many service providers have changed their business tactics, as the next-generation WAN technology offers improvements in efficiency […]

v-RAN a crucial step for SDN/NFV and 5G

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has forever changed carrier cloud computing and networking, emerging as a truly flexible, scalable, manageable and open network implementation. Efforts to implement this game-changing technology began in the core networks of service providers, eventually reaching the network edge where minimal latencies can create a plethora of new services and application previously […]

5 service provider network upgrades that will enable the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality we’ve all been waiting for

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are easily some of the most anticipated technologies of the century, but for many early adopters the concept is starting to lose appeal. Some from growing disappointment with current implementations, others discouraged entirely from the high cost-barrier to entry from acquiring the headset and necessary computing elements. With […]

Modern security policies akin to a game of jenga

IoT Network access control and Modern security policies

Securing enterprise networks from IoT-powered DDoS attacks is becoming increasingly necessary, but what about the IoT devices themselves with the enterprise network? The truth is security teams have enough trouble managing even traditional security systems. Network Access Control (NAC) has always been a tough area for IT departments and IoT is getting ready to make it […]


uCPE/vCPE: Death of the magical black box

People today are accustomed to getting their internet from a proprietary, provisioned black box at their homes, but now MSP’s are looking to expand the capabilities of these customer-side appliances with the advent of uCPE and vCPE. Managed Service providers continue to leverage virtualization and edge computing capabilities to decrease OPEX, TTS (time-to-Service) and create […]

Small-medium enterprise: indoor coverage with virtualized small cells

Indoor coverage for buildings has always been spotty ate best, even with the ideal obstacle-penetrating frequency bands some 4g-LTE carriers operate at. Concrete, glass and steel are all materials that impede wireless communications, as a result the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) market has continued to flourish for in-building coverage. In-building wireless coverage is widely coveted, […]

LTE gains major powerup before 5G rollout

While most spending by large network operators is focused on developing standards, technologies and infrastructure in preparation for 5G, investments in LTE have not slowed one bit; in fact several operators are currently investing billions in upgrading LTE networks to gigabit speeds.And that’s not all in the expanding LTE front, as many operators are placing […]