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Vibration IoT sensor

IoT gives predictive maintenance the boost it needs to launch industry 4.0

Predictive maintenance techniques are getting ready to develop beyond human-assisted inspection and correction, into self-maintaining and eventually self-sufficient machines. Industry 3.0 brought information technology into automation, now industry 4.0 is set to take technology further to leverage advantages from things like Big Data, virtualization, cloud and the IoT(Internet of Things). For manufacturing the IoT is […]

yes, these are not outside the realms of reality

Predictive analytics another point for machine supremacy

With the continuous development of communications technologies, big data-augmented predictive analytics and machine learning, emerging CPS (Cypher-Physical systems) could be the next big step towards self-sufficient machines. But that’s just one exciting new direction to take artificial intelligence, and with processors smaller and cheaper than ever, machines are getting ready to start taking on predictive […]

5-layer architecture built for cyber-physical systems

SDN shows promise within Industry 4.0

The growing demand for technology in industry 4.0 has come with great timing, with the telecom industries big shift towards SDN (Software-defined networks), many innovative players are looking to benefit early-on by utilizing the developing technology to accelerate automation and orchestration to new levels. Communication is a cornerstone in intelligent systems and it’s not uncommon […]

Cyber security firms accelerate efforts for emerging IoT applications and infrastructure

Finding new IoT applications has become a way of life for many, and powerful x86 processors can be found anywhere from smart refrigerators, tablets and vehicular control systems to nuclear power plant security systems. The first 3 quarters of 2016 have been quite the rollercoaster for the tech industry, with record-breaking mergers, acquisitions and agreements making the […]

SD-WAN first to demonstrate benefits of Software defined networks

All the ongoing effort towards NFV/SDN in the telecom and networking world is really starting to pay off, as companies can now easily deploy working software-defined WAN solutions using inexpensive ISP’s bandwidth coupled with industry standard x86 rackmount network appliances. SD-WAN solutions offer incredible benefits outside of the immediate savings in CAPEX, like exponentially faster […]

versa centralized vCPE

Virtual CPE, the first step in service providers’ NFV promise – vendor agnostic networks

One major starting point for CSPs and ISP’s NFV solutions is the deployment of virtual CPE (consumer premise equipment), specifically the business oriented variation vE-CPE – Virtual enterprise CPE. The immediate benefits in reduced CapEx and flexibility make growing enterprise networks one of the first to receive NFV solutions in the form of vCPE from […]

Illustration of an SDN/NFV architecture

Competition reaches new levels as SDN and NFV continue to permeate the market

  Network equipment vendors have been increasing their efforts to develop software-defined solutions for the changing industry, but with the many changes introduced new problems have started to surface. Considering the vendor-agnostic nature of SDN/NFV architectures, network equipment vendors that decide to adopt these flexible architectures are now finding their own services and offerings open […]