Lanner Ready to Offer LTE Certified, FirstNet-Ready Wireless Gateways

The evolution of emergency services is now spearheaded by this year’s deployment of a nation-wide public-safety dedicated network known as FirstNet. This critical network reserves 20Mhz out of the valuable 700 Mhz frequency range due to the obstacle penetrating power this frequency affords.

FirstNet was developed to provide mission critical communications and emergency services the best connectivity in the most demanding environments. Coupling this reliable network with advancements in private LTE networks (CBRS and unlicensed 5ghz spectrum) mobile network connectivity is taking critical operations to a new level of interoperability.


Pre-certified Wireless Solution For Network Appliances and Rackmount Servers.

The interoperability and reliability wireless connectivity provides is now a necessity for mission-critical network appliances, especially emergency services that depend on always-on communications to save lives. Lanner has designed flexible hardware with this in mind, now organizations looking to spend less on certifications and testing can obtain pre-certified wireless hardware platforms ready for a myriad of environments and next-gen communications.

Lanner’s PGN 300 & PGN 600 mini-PCIe modules provide robust connectivity to all of our network appliances through onboard expansion slots already present on our small form factor network appliances and rugged in-vehicle gateways. Even our more powerful 1u/2u+ appliances can harness this extended connectivity using flexible daughter cards such as the NCS2-MINIPCE02.

The CAT-6 PGN300 LTE module provides up to 300 Mbps down/150Mbps up links for common US carrier networks like: AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Sprint, Telis, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon & Vodafone. This module leads the industry in wireless service provider flexibility, being the most broadly certified wireless solution in north-america enabling the most flexible network mobility on the market.


A Private-LTE and FirstNet Certified Solution

FirstNet Next-gen emergency communications network. hardware platforms for critical communications and services.

Public safety workers make extensive use of PTT (Push-to-talk) communications through a variety of on-person and in-vehicle radios. The sparse allocation of public safety resources such as paramedics, firefighters and police has necessitated simplified wide-area-network connectivity between the various dispatch centers, their diverse communication devices and PSAP operators (Public-Safety Answering Point).

Using SD-WAN technologies running on reliable edge gateways, mission-critical systems can provide always-on communications and simplify interorganizational sharing of rich media such as images, videos and CCTV feeds. The spread and development of these interconnected systems is built on top of the reliability and security dedicated wireless networks provide (FirstNet, Private LTE). With these networks now serving as primary, complementary and sub-second failover options for all kinds of critical communications.

Lanner’s PGN600 LTE module builds on top of the flexible carrier connectivity features of the PGN300 and adds full support for private LTE and public safety-oriented frequencies (FirstNet band 14, CBRS band 48). This wide support of carriers, private LTE/unlicensed spectrums and FirstNet bands give Lanner network appliances and gateways the wireless capabilities to service enterprise and critical communications around the nation.

PGN LTE modules easily integrate telemetry with LCD screens built into many of Lanner’s appliances useful for live signal and connection monitoring. These modules also feature extra connectivity technologies such as automatic 3G fallback and GNSS. Our PGN 300/600 independently pre-certified LTE wireless modules will be showcased in the upcoming IWCE 2019 expo.


Rugged Cellular Automotive Gateways

In-Vehicle computational power and connectivity has increased exponentially over the years, and is set for explosive growth with the advent of driverless vehicles. Mission-critical rugged onboard systems need to withstand daily vibration and sudden shocks for many years. First response vehicles are best served with cellular gateways designed and built from the ground-up to provide a truly reliable set-and-forget future-proof edge computing platform.

Lanner’s rugged In-Vehicle Edge gateways such as the V3G pass MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration tests and comply with E13 standards, easily operating comfortably for years in the harshest conditions. These reliable cellular edge gateways provide robust computing and I/O capabilities for vehicular technologies, sensors and software.

I/O: Digital I/O, CAN bus, USB, PoE, Standard Expansion slots and modules.

WAN connectivity: Carrier LTE/3G, Wi-Fi,  Ethernet, FirstNet LTE (band 14), Private LTE and CBRS (band 48, 5Ghz unlicensed)

Location Services: GNSS- GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellite systems

Software-defined Processing: Intel CPU’s with built in accelerators for cryptography and packet processing with options for secure hardware keys.


Secure LTE-Ready IoT Edge gateways

IoT gateways harvest data from dozens, hundreds and even thousands of small sensors through low-power wireless technologies such as Zigbee and Bluetooth. Wireless is molding the IoT future. Having a secure gateway with options for multiple wireless IoT  technologies and LTE/3G WAN connectivity is a popular implementation. A Combined with a wide range of edge processing capabilities this is one of the most cost-effective and secure solutions for IoT edge gateways.

Lanner’s NCA-1210 is low-profile desktop network appliance certified by the PTCRB for modern LTE communications. Featuring 2x mini PCIE w/SIM slots, up to 4x RF antennas, 4xGb ethernet all running on an Intel Atom supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 memory. Paired with any 1 or 2 mini PCIe wireless cards (Zigbee, PGNX00), this appliance becomes a powerful cellular gateway offering ample processing power and crypto acceleration for secure communications, guaranteed rich wireless connectivity, and a low-footprint with a simple yet powerful upgrade path.


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