Software-Defined Networks, IoT and Next-Generation Infrastructure

IoT Gateways erase the line between OT and IT

The Internet of Things has become an unstoppable wave threatening to transform all devices with Internet-enabling technology. In large deployments (i.e. industrial automation), where thousands of sensors constantly supply information, this has created a need for gateways capable of communicating in various low-power wireless technologies (Zigbee, Bluetooth LE, etc.), as well as collecting and processing

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Xeon-D small size

Xeon D ready for growing demands at the network edge

Network computing infrastructure has been expanding for decades, and the network edge is no exception. When it comes to the expanding network edge, density is key; that’s why Intel’s Xeon D SoC processors have been steadily gaining favor. Servers, hot storage(instant access data- ie profile images) and network appliances(firewalls, access points) are being given more

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IoT sensors distributed across a smart city

Smart Cities empowered by IoT sensor networks (Infographic)

With IoT sensor networks starting to develop, the Smart cities of the future are set to become reality. By blurring the lines between our physical world and cyber systems we can greatly increase our leverage of machines and computing capabilities to help facilitate and automate every aspect of our lives. The IoT Sensors The actual

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Vibration IoT sensor

IoT gives predictive maintenance the boost it needs to launch industry 4.0

Predictive maintenance techniques are getting ready to develop beyond human-assisted inspection and correction, into self-maintaining and eventually self-sufficient machines. Industry 3.0 brought information technology into automation, now industry 4.0 is set to take technology further to leverage advantages from things like Big Data, virtualization, cloud and the IoT(Internet of Things). For manufacturing the IoT is

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emerging cyber threats in 2017

The 3 Greatest Emerging Cyber Threats

Connecting more and more services and devices to the internet sets the stage for the smart cities of the future, but at the same time it creates dangerous new opportunities for cyber criminals. 1. DDOS – Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Even without 6-figure zero-day exploits and nation-state resources, hackers can employ easily-attainable botnets powered

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yes, these are not outside the realms of reality

Predictive Analytics: Another Point For Machine Supremacy

With the continuous development of communications technologies, big data-augmented predictive analytics and machine learning, emerging Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) could be the next big step towards self-sufficient machines. But that’s just one exciting new direction to take artificial intelligence, and with processors smaller and cheaper than ever, machines are getting ready to start taking on predictive

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